Our Story

Established in 2007, Alvastone has become the leading supplier of bespoke clothing and merchandise to the trade. With a global supply chain, we are delivering quality, ethically and socially compliant bespoke products to our clients. At Alvastone, we love what we do and so do our clients! Our in-house design team will help make sure your branding and merchandise is consistent and deliver excellence everytime.

Vision: Elevating Bespoke Excellence

At Alvastone, we are conscious on the choice we and our clients make. We aim to set the gold standard for ethical sourcing, whulst minimising the impact we have on the environment.

Mission: Crafting Distinctive Identities

Our mission is to craft merchandise that tells a story. Every piece we create is tailored to resonate with the brand's identity, ensuring a unique and memorable presence at every event.

Sustainability: Ethical & Eco-conscious

Beyond quality, our commitment extends to sustainable and ethical production. We believe in creating merchandise that not only looks good but also feels right, ensuring a positive impact on our planet.

Relationships: Building Trust & Legacy

At the heart of Alvastone is our commitment to building lasting relationships. We value the trust our clients place in us, and we strive to honor it with every piece of bespoke clothing merchandise we deliver.